Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of HLinc. His professional career spans over 25 years, including serving in the US Army and Technology Consulting in both the public and private sectors.

Mr. Hunter graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science in Human Factors Engineering with a Concentration in Systems Engineering. He was commissioned into the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant. After the basic course, he was assigned as an Artillery Officer into the 1st Bn 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment. Later he attended the Field Artillery Advance Course and was posted to Camp Casey, South Korea.

After departing the Army, Mr. Hunter joined Petty Enterprises, the NASCAR racing team, during which time he worked in every business division. He left Petty Enterprises and joined the BusinessGenetics.Inc leadership team where he supported commercial and federal clients with business process reengineering, systems engineering, and design projects. His teams provided comprehensive solution that allow organizations to model critical, complex and distributed information using proprietary software and methodology. Later Mr. Hunter joined Booz Allen Hamilton as part of the Strategic Technology and Innovations group. While working for Booz Allen, he supported the Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army Clients. In 2013 Michael and Greg joined forces to start HLinc.

U.S. Army Veteran and President of HLinc, Mike has over 20 years of proven leadership experience in increasing organizational effectiveness; assembling and leading effective work teams, and delivering quantifiable results.

Gregory Loyd

Greg Loyd is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HLinc.
Mr. Loyd has 25 years of experience as a technology innovator working in both the public and private sector. He has supported the Veterans Benefits Administration for that last 11-year and has been a thought leader and provided critical support since the inception of VBMS. Prior to his time supporting the Veterans Administration he led teams of software and hardware engineers at CLK, Northrup Grumman and TRW. His expertise includes Software Architecture design and deployment, Software Quality Assurance and Production Support and DevSecOps.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran and CEO of HLinc, Greg has over 20 years of experience leading successful enterprise IT activities and small business startups.

Megan Addington

Mrs. Addington has over 17 years of experiencing realizing enterprise software solutions for both the private and public sectors in a multitude of environments and solving problems with innovation and creativity.  She is the principal engineer of HLINC’s hallmark UAT App management suite, that has drastically improved tester efficiency and traceability.  She is also the integration specialist,  and leader of HLINC’s continued technology innovations, in support of the Veterans Benefit  Administration. 

At her start, Mrs. Addington began her career helping to modernize the Department of Navy’s paper records into digital components.  She was a part of some of the first installations of early SharePoint as an internal document and information repository and sharing tool across multiple U.S. Naval commands. Later as part of a team working for Naval Cyber Defense Operations Command in support of Joint Forces initiatives, she created creative and complex solutions to resolve communication problems between multiple systems that often leveraged very different technology into a centralized management and oversight.  For a while Mrs. Addington stepped into the private sector working for financial institutions and payment processing software but when the opportunity to support the Department of Veteran’s Affairs came across her desk she couldn’t pass up the chance to work for a mission she believed in.

Harold Brittain

Harold Brittain is the Program Manager for HLinc’s Department of Veteran Affairs client. He has over 30 years information-technology (IT) consulting experience in both the public and private sectors.

Mr. Brittain graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer-Based Management Information Systems. Over the next twenty years he worked for multiple companies including Booz Allen Hamilton, Perot Systems Corporation and Grant Thornton’s Global Public Sector. He first focused on the use of computer assisted systems engineering tools and techniques in systems design and data decomposition for Government agency-wide systems. His knowledge of decomposing IT systems and processes led him to specialize in business process improvement in the private sector across multiple industries including telecommunications, mortgage servicing, and corporate financing.

To enhance his understanding of finance principles, he completed graduate studies at the University of Liverpool where he obtained Post Graduate certification with a concentration in finance. As an independent consultant in the public sector, he provided oversight for IT projects implementing earned value management as a member of the Project Management Office (PMO) for multiple government agencies. In 2010 he began supporting a Department of Veterans Affairs PMO implementing the Agile-Scrum framework, which led to his joining the HLinc team in 2016.

Wendy Caputo

Wendy Caputo is the Human Resources Director.

Ms. Caputo has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Informational Sciences, with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence, from the University of Delaware.  Upon graduation she had a highly successful 12 year career at Keane Inc. Wendy managed and developed some of her clients’ largest and most complex IT client engagements around the world. Following her career at Keane, Wendy took Executive Operational Management roles at both Williams Lea and AETEA, learning how to run a full business unit to include Financial Management, Human Resources, and Sales. Through each of these positions Ms. Caputo’s passion for people, creating a culture of inclusiveness and equity for every employee became her focus.

Ms. Caputo brings a unique perspective to the role as she has spent the majority of her career managing large complex organizations to success, consistently exceeding client expectations and delivery completion through developing effective working partnerships and providing unambiguous leadership to creatively encourage individuals to perform at their best. 

Ms. Caputo has continued to develop her expertise and knowledge in operating model development, program investment and management disciplines, and human resources.