Hlinc’s Cyber division assists customers in protecting their most essential systems and data, through threat assessment and the proactive planning and implementation of counter measures, security, training, and analysis.


HLinc has the skill and expertise to protect an organization from theft or damage to hardware, software, and data on the most advanced systems deployed, whether malicious actors are independent or state sponsored and no matter their location in the world. We protect the information technology the physical infrastructure and economy of the US depends on.


HLinc has advanced experts in the field of cyber countermeasures that deploy the most up to date protocols, processes, procedures and tools to identify attempts or attacks on cyber systems and stop or use those attacks to exploit the attacker. We counter phishing, malicious code, weak passwords, social engineering, outdated software, and substandard network security – all targets of state and organization sponsored attacks designed to exploit our cyberspace.


HLinc staff has the skills and expertise to proactively and strategically develop, implement and monitor the defense of cyber platforms, mitigating the operational risk of an attack before it occurs.


HLinc deploys experts in strategic, operational, and tactical levels of cyber. We develop and exploit avenues of approach at the operational level, as well as assisting in the real-time execution of actions against our nation’s adversaries. Our experts assist our clients in helping frame the decision to attack or exploit sensitive and important target.


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