HLinc delivers holistic solutions to our customers’ needs – we develop, integrate, and implement technological solutions, customized to solve specific problems. What sets HLinc apart and is embedded in our DNA is the understanding that technology is a tool and not the entire solution – the solution is our people, coupled with the right information, processes, security, and technologies. HLinc offers services across the domains of systems, cyber, and data in order to accomplish our clients’ goals.

With pressure on time to market increasing and budgets decreasing, it is more challenging than ever for organizations to be successful and meet the mission demands. Gone are the days where independent, standalone technologies that were shoehorned into a process gave an advantage. To be successful and accomplish the mission today, systems must be hardened, integrated, and easy to use. Data must be collected, analyzed, and acted upon. And constant action must be applied in combating attacks, theft, and exploitation. HLinc connects our clients with industry experts dedicated to mission success and sophisticated technological solutions.


Integrating people and technology to meet customer needs.


Securing our clients’ mission crucial data.


Turning data into business intelligence.

Big Business Capability from a Small Business