Company Traits & Core Values

At HLinc, our first and most important metric is “the Wow!” What is “the Wow!”? The “Wow!” comes in at least three distinct flavors the “Wow!”, the “Oh, Wow!”, and the “Holy Cow, Wow!” The “Wow!” is what happens when the delivered product or service is better than anticipated. The “Oh, Wow!” is what happens when the delivered product or service was unexpected and enlightened or positively affected the recipient. The “Holy Cow, Wow” is when the recipient is unquestionably, positively affected by the product or service, and the effect demonstrably changes the course of events.

To make sure we deliver “the Wow” to each and every client,  we provide an atmosphere and work conditions where our people can do just that. Because of this emphasis on corporate culture, we recruit and retain quality, competent team members that strive to provide the best possible services and products that meet our customers’ demanding needs. HLinc does everything in the company’s power to provide a work environment and atmosphere that allows for a minimum of a ninety-five percent retention rate per project.

By focusing on our core traits, HLinc brings the “Wow!” every time.

HLinc’s provides the best services and products to our partners and the Departments of the Government we serve through innovation, process, and value and do it with integrity, dependability, transparency, and enthusiasm.

HLinc is dedicated to bringing the absolute best management and technology solutions to our clients at an affordable price.


HLinc’s company traits and core values form the basis of everything we do.


HLinc’s management is dedicated to our core values.

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